New Emission Charges In The Capital
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New emission charges in the Capital.

According to the Telegraph, as of the 8th of April 2019, London's congestion zone will now be recognised as the ultra-low emission zone (Ulez). Which is set to extend to cover the whole of inner London, from October 2021. 

The scheme has been introduced by London mayor Sadiq Khan as London's toxic air is apparently increasing the risk of a range of illness' such as asthma, dementia, cancer, and strokes.

All motorists driving into the zone will be liable to pay a charge if their cars do not meet the emission standards. 'As a rule of thumb, diesel cars must be less than four years old and petrol cars must be less than about 13 years old to avoid the charge', meaning approximately 100,000 cars will be affected. 'The Ulez will cost £12.50 for most vehicle types (on top of the existing £11.50 congestion charge), whilst heavier vehicles such as lorries, buses, and coaches are liable to pay £100'. With a failure to pay the charges costing potentially £160 for car owner and £1000 for heavier vehicles. 

Whilst the introduction of this scheme is clearly to benefit the health of Londoners, the demographic hit the hardest will be regular, working-class people. Therefore the scheme could be criticised as it hasn't taken into consideration the repercussions for those who cannot perhaps afford a vehicle that follows emission standards. And as the benefits are yet to be seen, only time will tell if impacts will be beneficial enough to outweigh the negative impact that it will have to peoples pockets.

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