Project Subaru Forester Pick Up
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Project Subaru Forester Pick-Up

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Stage 1-
Back in 2010, Ivan was searching the internet when he came across images of Subaru Foresters that had been altered to create pick-up trucks however he couldn't identify any that had been designed and built successfully. There were numerous photoshopped images of what the car would look like, that triggered his imagination, and this was the start of a project that would run till present day today. Previous attempts had failed for many reasons. Some had been given 4 doors, which meant the boot was too small. Others were given full back windows, which were obviously a safety hazard and affected the load that could be carried. And others had found that the shape of the opening rear tailgate would crush the bumper and so, there were many technicalities involved with such a project. Naturally, Ivan knew the project as a huge challenge, however previous failed attempts motivated him to create a successful Subaru Forester Pick-Up that would not only enrapture the speed and sleek style of a Subaru but was also fully functional and practical. 

Stage 2-

The first task that would be encountered would be finding a suitable vehicle to start with. The vehicle that was chosen was a Subaru Forester 2.0 ltr non-turbo base model with no sunroof. The initial challenge was making sure the chosen car was suitable and strong as it would make the foundation for the project.   

Stage 3-
The Big Build.
Once the suitable vehicle was found the hard work began. Firstly the car had to be stripped of everything; such as the seats, rear roof, and the tailgate. The next stage was bracing the structure and reinforcing the exterior so that it was rigid and fully supported, this process involved the use of over 200ft of steel. The most difficult part of the build was then creating the fully functional opening real tailgate that would retain its shape and the features of a classic forester and also not impact the bumper in any way. Other crucial stages were the engine build, for this Ivan chose the EJ207 Sti short engine block as this was the strongest bottom end available. In addition to this, there was also the Garrett Turbo used for extra power and reliability. Not to mention; the installation of the White Line front and rear anti-roll bars, White Line anti-lift Kit, Powerflex bushes all round and Version 10 Sti Seats, to name a small number of the features that were inputted into the pickup. The building of the pickup, on and off, took around 7 years to complete and was eventually mapped at over 400 bhp.

Stage 4- 
Show Time.
In June 2017 we had the honor of being invited to the Race Planet (Subaru VS Evo) Car meet, which was an incredible day out and displayed many phenomenal cars. Whilst we were there we were given the 'Most Unique Car' Award. This award meant a lot to us as a small family business as it was recognition of the hard work Ivan and Sean had put into such a mammoth task of building a successful 420BHP White Subaru Forester Pick-Up Truck.  

The link to the Race Planet Video with footage of the truck is available here:

Stage 5- 
Present Day.
The truck gets attention wherever it is taken due to its unique look, speed and impressive sound. And we have most recently started showcasing her on Instagram in order to broadcast her to a wider audience. If you would like to check her out, click the link here to access our Instagram, @forestersubaruspares. 

Thanks for taking the time to read,
Foresters admin team.  

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